Social Media has made the world a virtual community.
Businesses are now growing their social media presence as it has become a great monetization tool for business growth.
Gaining and maintaining a strong social media presence in the 21st century is now a critical part of any business strategy.
It helps businesses,

  • Build large followers and fan base.
  • Promote products and services.
  • Advertise and make money online
  • Serve as a customer care platform
  • Get feedback from customers
  • Sample customers opinion
  • Share information faster
  • Create a forum to engage customers.

To grow a social media presence, you need to follow some basic guidelines. Below are some basic rules that can help grow your social media presence in no time.


Choosing Your Platform


This social media platform has more than a billion users, it allows them to connect with their friends and family and stay up to date with current trends. It might be interesting for you to know more about instagram likes by checking online.
Facebook is a very powerful social media platform for businesses. You can advertise your brand to prospective customers.
The first step is to grow your fan base. Share your page as much as you can. This will bring more visitors to your page.
Post photos, videos and short articles about your products and services. Make sure that these posts are engaging as this will bring in more comments and likes.
The more people you engage, the more your social media presence will grow.


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform.
You can make quality brand videos and share them on a playlist. Users can comment and like these videos, so creating exciting and attention grabbing videos is the key to success on YouTube.
There are different types of videos on YouTube. They are how to videos, tips and tricks videos, entertainment videos, news videos, fashion videos or any other engaging videos you can create.
Make different type of videos for your users. This will give them a wide range of videos to view.


Twitter is another powerful social media platform that has over 310 million registered users and can be used to generate a lot of traffic to your business.
Twitter allows only 140 characters in a post so make sure that your posts are detailed and to the point.
To grow your social media presence, share exciting content that will trigger conversations. This will help build relationship with your followers.
You can also follow authority figures, famous brands and your clients.
Tweet as often as you can. Also retweet other engaging and exciting tweets. This will help you gain a stronger social media presence.


This is a social media platform is slightly different from other social media platforms.
It is specially designed for business professionals and B2B (business to business) marketing. You can showcase your company’s product and services.
To grow your presence on LinkedIn, you need to join professional groups, connect with leaders in your niche and engage as many users as possible.


Pinterest is a picture sharing platform. You can pin pictures and share them with other Pinterest users.
You can post links to your website or blog from your photos. You can share pictures about a particular service and link it to the page on your site that talks about that service.
Post pictures that are intriguing and captivating. This will help generate traffic to your website or brand page.


Google +
Google + is a platform that can help you grow your social media presence.
You can share videos (linked to your YouTube account), updates, get reviews about your product or service.
On Google+ you can segment your followers into circles. This will help you create different content for different circles.
You can share business contents to your business circles and personal contents to your family and friend circle.


Creating Your Content

Your content can be an article, a video or picture. Regardless of the type of content, you must make them appealing and engaging because the average internet user has a few moments to decide if your content is relevant to them.

You need to convey your message in 3 to 4 seconds.

If you are using pictures, make they are professional. You can use an app like Photoshop to edit and clean them up.
Make sure your videos do not have background noise and irrelevant scenes.

Be Consistent

Growing your audience on any social media platform requires consistency. Take time to respond to comments.

If you find an interesting post, share them on your page. You can also like or comment on other people’s posts.

Continue to create unique content that will attracts likes, shares and comments.

Post at least 1 video a day on YouTube, 3 to 10 updates on Facebook and write at least one article on your blog.

Get a Social Media Strategist

Growing your social media presence is a lot of work. You can employ the services of a professional social media team to help create and maintain your social media presence.

This way you can get desired results and have time to focus on other parts of your business.